Joining the Network

Do you have an upcoming workshop, special issue, or similar event centered around FAT* topics? We invite you to apply to have it considered a part of the network.

Requirements and Process

Fill out the application form, and the Network Co-Chairs will consider your application and get in touch with you. To be part of the FAT* Network, your event must:

  • Engage with FAT* topics in a central way. For examples, see previous events below.
  • Have an open call for participation — i.e., not only for invited participants.
  • Adopt a Code of Conduct. (Workshops attached to ACM-sponsored events are automatically subject to the ACM Policy Against Harassment.)
  • Disseminate a summary/report after the event (which can range in format from a brief Medium post to a more detailed publication).
Apply Now


When you become part of the FAT* Network:

  • We’ll help spread the word about your event to the FAT* community via the network web site, FAT* social media, and in a monthly digest sent to the FAT-ANNOUNCE listserv.
  • We’ll help give visibility to your event outcomes (workshop reports or other documents).
  • Association with FAT* helps communicate the scope/intent of the event to participants.

Upcoming Opportunities

These opportunities are upcoming and are currently accepting submissions:

Upcoming Events and Publications

These opportunities are no longer accepting submissions; look out for their outcomes soon! Upcoming events may still be open for participation.

Past Events

These opportunities have happened — look through them for interesting work!

Older Workshops and Events

These are various events held prior to the founding of the ACM FAT* Network which may be of similar interest. We present them here for historical purposes.